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♦ December 5, 2013. Documentary, Where am I, premieres on CBC Television's series The Nature of Things. Several SILC members including SILC Faculty Member and PI, Nora S. Newcombe are featured in the film, which highlights the skills used that help us navigate the world. (Retrieved December 5, 2014). This program was dubbed in German later on and appeared on German Television. (Retrieved December 5, 2014). Visit our Media page for a look at the Trailer. See DreamFilm's webpage for this show:

♦ Two of our SILC Faculty Members: Bob Kolvoord and David H. Uttal and two of our Spatial Network Members: Sarah Bednarz and Phil Gersmehl contributed to a book written by fellow Spatial Network Member, Diana Sinton. The People's Guide to Spatial Thinking is now available from the National Council for Geographic Education.

♦ Flam, F. (November 15, 2013). Lost in space: Is it possible to reprogram your spatial intelligence? Newsworks-The Pulse (on-linei). Radio article featuring Nora S. Newcombe (SILC PI) and Kristin Gagnier (SILC Postdoc). Also listed on our Talks & Interviews page. Retrieved November 18, 2013.  Open .pdf document

Nora S. Newcombe, SILC PI, has received the 2014 Association for Psychological Science (APS) William James Fellow Award in recognition of her lifetime achievement in advancing the field of cognitive science. She will deliver her award address at the 26th APS Annual Convention next year. See the APS article: (November 6, 2013). Newcombe to Discuss Integrative Approach to Cognitive Science in Convention Speech. Observations. Retrieved November 13, 2013.  Open .pdf document

Erin Maloney, SILC Postdoc Member, received the Psychonomic Society's 2013 Associate Member Select-Speaker Award in the area of Spatial Cognition for her abstract: Math Anxiety Relates to Poor Spatial Processing That Cannot be “Written Away”. Retrieved November 13, 2013.  Open .pdf document

♦ Sieck, Winston (2013). Building Spatial Thinking Improves STEM success. Global Cognition (on-line blog). Highlighted in this blog article are SILC Researchers ([David Uttal, Nora S. Newcombe (PI) and David Miller] and SILC-funded Research:

  • David H. Uttal, David I. Miller, & Nora S. Newcombe (2013). Exploring and Enhancing Spatial Thinking: Links to Achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? Current Directions in Psychological Science, 22 (5), 367-373   [DOI: 10.1177/0963721413484756].

Retrieved November 1, 2013.  Open .pdf document
More press:

  1. Wai, J. (July 31, 2013). Why We Need To Value Students’ Spatial Creativity. Mind/Shift   Open .pdf document

♦ (November, 2013). What We Know Now: How Psychological Science Has Changed Over a Quarter Century. APS Observer, 26(9). SILC and Nora S. Newcombe (PI) are mentioned in this Association for Psychological Science Observer article on trends in Psychology. One of the trends highlighted is "Educational Neuroscience"--SILC and Newcombe are listed as leaders in this emerging field. Retrieved November 1, 2013.  Open .pdf document

♦ Press coverage for:
Verdine, B. N., Golinkoff, R. M., Hirsh-Pasek, K., Newcombe, N. S., Filipowicz, A. T., & Chang, A. (In Press, 2013). Deconstructing Building Blocks: Preschoolers' Spatial Assembly Performance Relates to Early Mathematical Skills. Child Development. (Retrieved October 3, 2013):

  1. (September 26, 2013). The building blocks of learning: Playing with blocks may help children's spatial and mathematical thinking. UDaily (on-line hews, University of Delaware).  Open .pdf document
  2. (September 27, 2013). The Building Blocks of Learning, Literally. Science DailyOpen .pdf document

Retrieved October 23, 2013:

    1. Legos: The Building Blocks of Childhood and Mathematical Skills (NeuroNet Learning).  Open .pdf document

♦ SILC Co-PI, Larry Hedges is the winner of the 2013-2014 Statistician of the Year (SOY) Award, presented by the Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association (CCASA). Congratulations, Dr. Hedges! Retrieved September 26, 2013.   Open .pdf document

♦ Bower, B. (September 25, 2013). Mental rotation gears up by age 5 for both boys and girls: Math-related visualization skill emerges rapidly in preschool years. ScienceNews, 10/05/13 Issue. Retrieved September 26, 2013.   Open .pdf document
Andrea Frick (SILC Alumni Member) and Susan Levine (SILC Co-PI) are mentioned in the ScienceNews article. The research cited, supported in part by SILC's NSF funding, is from:

♦ The Society for Research in Child Development has a link to a video of a debate entitled Starting Points and Change in Spatial Development: Contrasting Perspectives. Moderated by Lynn Liben (Penn State), Elizabeth Spelke (Harvard) and Nora Newcombe (Temple, and SILC PI) discuss the geometric module proposal and alternative approaches to spatial development that emphasize information integration. See

♦ The Comparative Cognition Society will hold its annual Fall Meeting of the Comparative Cognition Society in conjunction with the Psychonomic Society meeting on Nov 14, 2013 in Toronto. We are pleased to announce that the keynote talk will be delivered by Professor Nora S. Newcombe, SILC PI (Temple University). Dr. Newcombe’s talk is entitled, “Studying Development Comparatively”. The program includes a number of talks in the area of spatial learning and cognition. Details – including the conference program – are available at

NSF Highlight of SILC research: Teaching Styles Affect Early Math Learning. The research referenced is from the following in press article: Fisher, K. R., Hirsh-Pasek, K., Newcombe, N. S. & Golinkoff, R. M. (in press). Taking shape: Supporting preschoolers’ acquisition of geometric knowledge through guided play. Child Development. [DOI]. Retrieved July 11, 2013.   Open .pdf document

♦ Studwell, Karen (June 2013). New psychological research on STEM education is showcased on Capitol Hill: Findings show how math and science learning in early grades can be improved. American Psychological Association: News (on-line). This article relates news about a Congressional Briefing at which Nora S. Newcombe, our SILC P.I., recently presented. Retrieved July 8, 2013.   Open .pdf document

♦ Northwestern University, Department of Electrical Engineering Highlights (April 2, 2013). Forbus describes CogSketch in keynote address. Retrieved April 8, 2013. Our SILC Faculty member, Kenneth D. Forbus, highlighted CogSketch in his keynote address last week for the Workshop on Interactive Pen and Touch Technology for Education (WIPTTE 2013), Pepperdine University, Los Angeles. To read more about CogSketch, please go to our Initiative 2: Understand tools for spatial learning: Sketching.   Open .pdf document

♦ Kapp, Diana (March 22, 2013). Annie, Get Your Screw Gun: How a fully wired, build-it-yourself dollhouse could foster the next generation of girl geeks. SILC Faculty Member, Susan Levine (Co-PI), is quoted in this magazine article. Retrieved April 8, 2013.   Open .pdf document

Retrieved April 18, 2013:

      1. Can New Building Toys for Girls Improve Math and Science Skills? (Wall Street Journal)
      2. From Girls' Toys to Future Women Engineers? (Wall Street Journal video link)

♦ The Cognitive Science Society has awarded SILC Alumnus Andrew Lovett, Northwestern University, a Robert J. Glushko Dissertation Prize for his 2012 doctoral dissertation: Spatial Routines for Sketches: A Framework for Modeling Spatial Problem Solving. Retrieved April 4, 2013.   Open .pdf document

♦ There is a new web compendium on spatial skills out of both SILC and non-SILC partners on the website Retrieved March 4, 2013.

♦ GL Assessment (United Kingdom) (February 13, 2013). Strong spatial skills and what this means in the classroom, interview with Nora Newcombe (PI). Retrieved February 19, 2013.   Open .pdf document

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