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♦ Miller, Greg (October 6, 2014). Beyond the Nobel: What Scientists Are Learning About How Your Brain Navigates. Wired. Retrieved October 9, 2014. SILC Faculty Member Russell Epstein and SILC Research on "the way people navigate through space and orient to their surroundings" are highlighted in this article. Open .pdf document

Spatial Cognition 2014, Bremen, Germany, chose SILC Graduate Student, Linsey Smith (Northwestern University), to receive the best student paper award. The award, provided by the Cognitive Science Society, is for the following paper:
Smith, L. A., Ping, R. M., Matlen, B. J., Goldwater, M. B., Gentner, D. (SILC Co-PI), Levine, S. (SILC Co-PI) (2014). Mechanisms of spatial learning: Teaching children geometric categories. C. Freksa, B. Nebel, M. Hegarty, & T. Barkowsky (Eds.), Spatial Cognition IX: International Conference, Spatial Cognition 2014, Bremen, Germany, September 15-19, 2014. Proceedings, LNCS 8684, 325-337. [DOI]
Congratulations, Linsey and to all the co-authors!
Open .pdf document Retrieved September 23, 2014.
See the August 2014 SILC Showcase highlighting this research:

♦ Boss, Suzie (July 28, 2014). Students Map Real-World Issues with (Free) Geospatial Tools. edutopia (on-line). Retrieved July 30, 2014. Bob Kolvoord one of our SILC Faculty Member and his work are mentioned in this article. Spatial Network Member, Joseph Kerski, is also mentioned in this article.   Open .pdf document

♦ Auer, Kaylen (June 4, 2014). RIC professor’s research advances STEM education. Business News. This article features SILC's initiative on Sketching and STEM research. Benjamin Jee (SILC Alumni Member) is featured in the article; Kenneth D. Forbus (SILC Faculty) is the point of contact for our Initiative: Tools: Sketching. Retrieved June 16, 2014.   Open .pdf document

Further Press:

  1. (June 5, 2014) STEMDaily (online email). The article/link is listed. Retrieved June 16, 2014.   Open .pdf document

♦ The George A. Miller Award for Division 1 (The Society for General Psychology) of the American Psychological Association has been conferred on the article: The Malleability of Spatial Skills: A Meta-Analysis of Training Studies. Several SILC Members and one Spatial Network Member were authors on this article, including: David H. Uttal (SILC Faculty), Nathaniel G. Meadow (SILC Alumni), Elizabeth Tipton (Spatial Network), Linda L. Hand (SILC Alumni), and Nora S. Newcombe (SILC PI). The citation of the article is on our Publications page and in our Bibliography Database:
Uttal, D. H., Meadow, N. G., Tipton, E., Hand, L. L., Alden, A., Warren, C., & Newcombe, N. S. (2013). The malleability of spatial skills: A meta-analysis of training studies. Psychological Bulletin, 139(2), 352-402. [DOI]

♦ Press coverage on: Verdine, B. N., Golinkoff, R. M., Hirsh-Pasek, K., & Newcombe, N. S. (In Press, 2014). Finding the missing piece: Blocks, puzzles, and shapes fuel school readiness. Trends in Neuroscience and Education.

  1. Bond, A. (March 20, 2014). Blocks, puzzles help kids prep for school and life. Reuters (on-line).   Open .pdf document (Retrieved March 26, 2014).

♦ SILC-funded research was the lead in the APS’ This Week in Psychological Science (TWiPS) [February 25, 2014): Novack, M. A., Congdon, E. L., Hemani-Lopez, N., Goldin-Meadow, S. (2014-epublication ahead of print). From Action to Abstraction: Using the Hands to Learn Math. Psychological Science. The information can only be viewed by APS members at this time, but at the NCBI site the abstract and other details may be viewed:
More Press:

  1. (March 11, 2014). Press Release: Gesturing With Hands Is a Powerful Tool for Children’s Math Learning. (APS News).   Open .pdf document

♦ Kathy Hirsh-Pasek (SILC Member) and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff (Spatial Network Member) wrote an article for the Huffington Post about some of our SILC research: Golinkoff, R. M. and Hirsh-Pasek, K. (January 23, 2014). A Chip Off the Old Block? Block Play May Help Children's Spatial and Mathematical Thinking. Huffington Post (on-line).   Open .pdf document

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