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♦ SILC PI, Nora S. Newcombe, was cited in on-line press coverage of SILC Research:
Kris, Deborah Farmer (December 16, 2015). Steps to Help Foster a Preschooler’s Spatial Reasoning Skills, KQED News on-line. Retrieved December 17, 2015. Open .pdf document

♦ Coverage about SILC research on how math interaction at home cultivates positive effects at school. The research paper: Berkowitz, T., Schaeffer, M. W., Maloney, E. A., Peterson, L., Gregor, C., Levine, S. C., & Beilock, S. L. (2015). Math at home adds up to achievement in school. Science, 350(6257), 196-198. [DOI] (Retrieved October 8, 2015)
Press Coverage:

  1. Allen, S. (October 8, 2015). Math story time at home bolsters achievement in school. UChicagoNews (on-line). (Retrieved October 8, 2015) Open .pdf document
  2. Westervelt, E. (October 8, 2015). Where The Wild Fractions Are: The Power Of A Bedtime (Math) Story. National Public Radio (on-line). (Retrieved October 9, 2015). Open .pdf document

♦ SILC Faculty Member, Kenneth Forbus, and CogSketch are highlighted in an article on a recent conference at Northwestern University: Integrating Cognitive Science with Innovative Teaching in STEM Disciplines: Spatial Learning in STEM. Alex Gerage (September 24, 2015). Conference Highlights Importance of Spatial Learning in Undergraduate STEM Education. McCormick News, Northwestern University. Retrieved September 28, 2015. Open .pdf document

♦ Two SILC Faculty Members, Nora S. Newcombe (PI) and Russell Epstein, were interviewed for the on-line news magazine, Vox:
Stromberg, Joseph (September 2, 2015). Is GPS ruining our ability to navigate for ourselves? Vox: Science & Health. Retrieved September 2, 2015. Open .pdf document

♦ Congratulations to our SILC Members--Carol J. Ormand, Thomas F. Shipley, Basil Tikoff, Cara L. Harwood, Kinnari Atit and Alexander P. Boone--who will receive the Outstanding Paper Award from the Journal of Geoscience Education for their 2014 publication:
Ormand, C. J., Shipley, T. F., Tikoff, B., Harwood, C. L., Atit, K., & Boone, A. P. (2014). Evaluating Geoscience Students' Spatial Thinking Skills in a Multi-Institutional Classroom Study. Journal of Geoscience Education, 62(1), 146-154.

♦ Dedre Gentner, SILC Co-PI, was awarded the 2016 David E. Rumelhart Prize for her "contributions to the theoretical foundations of human cognition." Congratulations to Professor Gentner. Read more about Gentner's work that distinguishes her in the field:

 ♦ Susan Levine, SILC Faculty Member (Co-PI) at the University of Chicago and SILC research is mentioned in the following article (see the video towards the end too). The article is written by a SILC Graduate Student from Northwestern University: Miller, David (June 8, 2015). Beliefs about innate talent may dissuade students from STEM, The Retrieved June 12, 2015. Open .pdf document

♦ Podcast, Episode 80, Spatial Reasoning. SILC Members are referenced in the Engineering Commons Podcast: Nora S. Newcombe (PI), David H. Uttal, and David I. Miller are mentioned as researchers who have looked extensively at how spatial abilities can be strengthened through training exercises. (Retrieved April 30, 2015). Open .pdf document

♦ Press coverage of SILC Members research, referenced in:
Gentner, D. (Co-PI), Levine, S. C. (Co-PI), Dhillon, S., Ping, R., Bradley, C., Isaia, A., and Honke, G. (in press). Rapid learning in a children’s museum via analogical comparison. Cognitive Science.
The press article:
Northwestern University. (2015, March 31). Wobbly no more: Work on analogical processing helps children learn key engineering principle. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 2, 2015 from Open .pdf document

♦ Press coverage of SILC Members research: Jamie Jirout and Nora S. Newcombe, SILC PI (on-line 2015). Building Blocks for Developing Spatial Skills: Evidence From a Large, Representative U.S. Sample. Psychological Science. [doi: 10.1177/0956797614563338].

  1. (January 28, 2015). Playing With Puzzles and Blocks Could Build Children’s Spatial Skills. APS news (on-line). Open .pdf document (Retrieved January 29, 2015).
  2. Association for Psychological Science. "Playing with puzzles, blocks may build children's spatial skills." ScienceDaily (on-line), 28 January 2015.Open .pdf document (Retrieved January 29, 2015).
  3. (January 30, 2015). Playing with puzzles and blocks could build children’s spatial skills. Science360 News Top Story (on-line). Open .pdf document (Retrieved January 30, 2015).

Susan Levine (SILC Faculty Member and Co-PI) was a guest on the radio show, The Colin McEnroe Show, hosted by Connecticut National Public Radio (WNPR). The segment, "Puzzles: The Joy of Being Perplexed," aired January 27, 2015. Levine is introduced at about the 41 minute mark. Read more and listen to the segment on WNPR's website: .pdf document (Retrieved January 29, 2015).

♦ SILC Members from Northwestern University (Maria Chang, SILC Graduate Student, and Kenneth D. Forbus, Faculty Member, plus Matt Klenk, QRG Graduate Student member) will demonstrate CogSketch at AAAI (The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) 2015's Open House, which is free to the public. More information on both the Open House and on the CogSketch demonstration ("CogSketch: Sketch understanding for cognitive science and education") may be found on AAAI 2015's website:
The Open House, which is free and open to the public, will be on: Monday, January 26, 2015 from 9:00am - 6:00pm at the Hyatt Regency, Austin, Texas.

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