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♦  Portal of Science and Technology: Dong Nai: Science News (Posting Date:?). Baby boys may show spatial supremacy: Male superiority on mental rotation tasks may develop within a few months after birth. This article quotes both Susan Levine (Co-PI) and Nora Newcombe (PI).
Retrieved December 18, 2008 from:
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♦  (Posting Date November 12, 2008) Displays from the Biological Motion Point-light Action Archive will be used in a short segment within the program "The Science of Sex Appeal" for the Discovery Channel (to air in December 2008).
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♦  PRESS RELEASE from the Office of Congressman Sestak: Sestak (Release Date July 10, 2008). Congressman Sestak Announces $10 million in funding for Conshohocken education partnership.
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♦  PRESS RELEASE from the Office of the Governor Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Rendell, E.G. (Release Date July 10, 2008). Governor Rendell announces $10 million grant to expand Science Education: Pennsylvania Consortium will create National Center for Cognition and Science Instruction.  Open .pdf document

♦  Schaffer, A. (Posted July 4, 2008). The Ghost of Larry Summers. Slate. Retrieved October 28, 2008 from
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♦  Price, M. (May 2008). Outside language looking in: Deaf people with no language exposure provide a window into basic cognition [Electronic version]. Monitor on Psychology, 39(5). Retrieved July 8, 2008 from Dedre Gentner (Co-PI) and Susan Goldin-Meadow (Co-PI) are mentioned in this article.
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♦  Kenneally, C. (Published April 22, 2008). When Language Can Hold the Answer [Electronic version]. The New York Times. Retrieved October 28,2008, from Dedre Gentner (Co-PI) and Susan Goldin-Meadow (Co-PI) are mentioned in this article.
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♦  Ehrenberg, R. (Article Date February 23, 2008). On top of words: Spatial language spurs kids' reasoning skills [Electronic version]. Science News Online.
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♦  PRESS RELEASE from Northwestern University News and Information (Release Date January 31, 2008). Dedre Gentner (Co-PI) named Alice Gabrielle Twight Professor. Retrieved February 28, 2008 from
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